Background Study Information

Purpose of the Background Study

Background studies are a very important part of the licensing process. All applicants, license holders, all others living in the home 13 years and older, current and prospective caregivers, employees, and volunteers must have a background study to ensure that they do not pose a threat to the health and safety of residents. The background study will determine whether or not the person is disqualified from being licensed or otherwise having access to residents or providing care. Arrests, convictions, or admissions of certain crimes or acts may disqualify a person from being licensed, providing care, or having access to clients. All studies submitted at the time of initial licensure must be completed before the license can be issued. Background studies include a review of criminal arrest records, court records, and adult and child protection records. Any offenses on a record, whether or not they resulted in criminal charges, may extend the length of time it takes to process the study.

The study consists of a check of law enforcement, social service agency, and court records, The individual being studied has to provide some basic information such as name, date of birth, and address. If necessary to complete the study, more information may be requested from the individual. This additional information could include social security number and fingerprints. Failure to provide this information can result in the person being disqualified based on lack of cooperation with the study.

Please discuss any questions you may have about the background study with your licensor.
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