Intern / Volunteer

Washington County Community Corrections is committed to creating an inclusive environment that reflects its employees, customers and the communities it serves. Diversity enriches our workforce. We welcome and encourage individuals with bicultural and/or bilingual experience to apply for positions for which they qualify.

Applications for SPRING 2016 now being accepted

Fall and Winter opportunities have been filled for 2015/2016.

Program Description

Washington County Community Corrections is committed to providing valuable work experience to individuals interested in a career in criminal justice. Positions are available to students seeking to fulfill the requirements of their academic programs as well as professionals with post-secondary education who are interested in obtaining unpaid work experience. Candidates are expected to be diligent and motivated learners, willing to take on assigned tasks when deemed appropriate.

To become an Intern or Volunteer you must

  • Complete the online application, attach your resume and submit
  • Participate in an interview
  • Be accepted for an internship/volunteer placement
  • Undergo a criminal history check and drug screen

Position Descriptions

Candidates should see Position Descriptions for more information regarding examples of work and eligibility requirements. Specific positions have different criteria for eligibility and different time commitments required depending on the nature of the work.

For More Information Contact

Rick Smith
Phone: 651-430-6969
Fax: 651-430-4110