Chaplain Corps

About the Chaplain Corps

The Chaplains are volunteers who serve in various capacities. There are two groups of Chaplains in Washington County. One group ministers to inmates on the correctional side and the other group assists the law enforcement side. This page deals only with the law enforcement side.

Chaplains are added on an as needed basis with the following requirements:
  • Ordained / licensed by a recognized church body
  • Recommended by ecclesiastical body
  • No felony convictions
  • Interest in serving the community and the WCSO
  • A person of compassion, tolerance and tact
  • Willing to attend monthly meetings


  • Respond to serious incidents or deaths to provide spiritual comfort, assistance and direction for survivors, law enforcement officers, rescue personnel, and dispatchers
  • Offer resources and spiritual counseling to families and individuals in many stressful crisis situations including persons who are suicidal, emotionally distraught, family life issues, parenting, marriage, and death
  • Promote faith and attempt to connect people with their own faith community (if they have one), but they do not promote their own individual congregation
  • Provide a link between crime victims / families and law enforcement personnel
  • Available to help sheriff staff with incidents that require death notifications
  • Sign up for on-call 24-hour shifts and are paged, texted, or called when needed
  • Ride along on patrol shifts and become familiar with law enforcement procedures
  • Available to sworn or non-sworn personnel and their families who need a resource for spiritual counseling
  • Available for special occasions such as Law Enforcement Memorial Day
  • Attend a monthly breakfast meeting to discuss call-outs and occasional training topics
If you are interested in applying, please download an application and send the completed application to Commander Cheri Dexter