Civil War Exhibit Open Now - January 5, 2018
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Life as a Civil War Soldier: The First Minnesota and Company B

is a new, temporary exhibit now available for viewing at the Historic Courthouse. The exhibit highlights stories of the local men and boys who fought in the war and the heroic deeds of the First Minnesota. 

Exhibits are free and open to the public during regular office hours. 
Recommended reading by local authors:
Every Man Did His Duty
by Wayne Jorgenson
How Newell Burch Survived Andersonville Prison, Among the First to Arrive and the Last to Leave by Dustyn Dubuque
The Washington County Historic Courthouse Through the Years: 1870-Today
This two-room exhibit showcases Historic Courthouse artifacts from 1870-1975, including antique office equipment, furniture, period clothing, restoration artifacts, stories of the fictional courthouse mice Gus and Sig, Winfield the cat, and much more.

Rotating displays throughout the building feature the history of area events, Washington County and the City of Stillwater. Please contact the Historic Courthouse at 651-275-7075, ext. 1 for more details or
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